As a journalist I’ve written for newspapers including Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Irish Independent, Express and magazines such as Red, Grazia, Bazaar, Good Housekeeping and Image.

My in-depth investigative reporting has seen me take part in the world’s largest ginger Mexican wave, have a lesson in seduction from Dita Von Teese and spend a month not looking in the mirror. Which I quite enjoyed.

I have written about my frizzy hair eighty-nine million times, road-tested every pair or tights going and once had my eyelashes measured by a machine to discover the most lengthening mascaras. Really.

I also like to write articles about psychology and what makes us tick, articles that help me figure out how to live a better life and how we can be a bit kinder to each other. This seems very important at the moment. 

Here are a few recent examples of my journalism:

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