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SWEARING, NUDITY AND INTERNATIONAL BOOK DEALS… 2014’s highlights… Hello! Before we get stuck into 2015, I thought I'd do a kind of sum up of last year, just for kicks. I realise that I can be very negative, so I'm going to BIG MYSELF UP and focus... Read More Thank you It's 6am and I'm heading off on a job in a bit but wanted to say a quick thank you all so so so much for the lovely comments yesterday. It made me cry again but in a good... Read More Bye bye Feel the Fear… Before I move on to the next book (I'm already behind schedule) I'd like to wrap up my Feel the Fear month. How was it? Did it change my life? etc etc. So first of all, how was it? Well,... Read More Feel the fear and jump out of a plane (with words) Hello! Hello! It's me…  I'm sorry I vanished for a week without telling you all about the JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE business. It turns out that a month of full-on fear facing is EXHAUSTING and last week was... Read More Feel the fear and jump out of a plane I have temporarily lost the power of words so I'm just posting a picture. This is what I did today:  Have a nice weekend. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: How to Turn Your Fear... Read More Feel the fear and do stand-up comedy Well, it finally happened. The thing I was dreading the most - more than getting naked, chatting up strangers and even jumping out of a plane - is now over and done with. Yes, on Sunday night I got up... Read More Feel the fear and sing in public, after eating offal So this weekend I enrolled on a two day stand-up comedy course that culminated in a live performance on Sunday night. I also arranged to eat offal and do karaoke on Saturday night. Suffice it to say it was... Read More Chris Evans, may I please take you to lunch? (My open letter) Dear Chris,  I have a random request but please hear me out.... (more…) Read More