Help Me!  

One woman’s quest to find out if self-help, well, helps?

An international bestseller, Help Me! has been translated into 28 languages, has featured in press around the world, including the Today Show, NPR, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Forbes, RTE, People, Elle – and screen rights have been bought. 

It charts my quest to fix my single, depressed and broke life by following the rules of a different self-help book each month for a year. Some people say it is funny, honest and ultimately reassuring.  Other people read it and want to shake me, which is understandable. 


I recorded the English language version audio book and mum read out her lines. I sat in a studio for two weeks reading out loud for hours. She walked in for one hour, did her lines perfectly and is everyone's favourite bit. Of course.

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