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Cake for breakfast When I was about twenty I had a friend who went to Glastonbury to celebrate his thirtieth birthday. I remember at the time thinking it was the saddest thing ever. Imagine going to a music festival when you... Read More Who are you? I am now outdoorsy. Just thought you might like to know. I have come back from three nights of camping and I am alive, despite some heavy rain. It's a miracle. I wish I had taken a funny pictures... Read More I am scared Because I have pressed send on this blog post. I imagine all the things that might be wrong with it. All the ways I am blind and privileged and indulgent and boring and cliche and out of date. I... Read More I feel better when… I've gone off big declarations and big challenges. Over the years I've done them all. I did my year (and a bit) of extreme self-help. I've signed up to intense gym programmes where I've lifted weights as heavy as... Read More Why I wasn’t on telly this week A couple of days ago I was asked if I'd be interested on going on Good Morning Britain to talk about whether self-help books can change your life. It was pegged to Adele saying that Untamed by Glennon Doyle... Read More This post will be wasted on you! Ok, so after yesterday's Buttergate, I understand that this post may be wasted on you but still I will continue to try to edumucate you on the powers of Writing for Sanity and Fun. And YES. This is all... Read More Morning pages and butter in my coffee Some mornings I do it...and some mornings I don't. But the days when I do tend to go better than the days that I don't. This morning was a good morning. I woke up tired and wired, after falling... Read More What’s good right now? It's raining! My flat is no longer an oven. My inbox is full of lovely messages from people who came to Saturday's writing workshop. I had a pain aux raisin for breakfast and it was one of those lush squishy... Read More

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