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So guys, we got there: we have a book deal – in fact we have several.

It turns out that publishers are like buses. You wait forever and then they all come at once.

I’ve been desperate to tell you but was waiting for it to be made official – which happened yesterday when a press release was sent out -ABOUT ME!! More details here

In August we got offered a UK book deal (with Picador, the publishers of Bridget Jones)  then everyone wanted to get in on the act;  publishers snapped it up in France, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Spain… And the offers keep coming in. The latest countries are Lithuania and Taiwan. I am going to be made in Taiwan! How nuts is that?

I am stunned and delighted and relieved and quite emotional. I flip between bouncing off the walls with excitement (and champagne) to feeling so overwhelmed I have to put myself to bed for the day.

It’s a dream come true. But you all know that.

Back in March 2014 I had a book cover on my Secret vision board – but I don’t put this success down to The Secret, I put it down to the mind-altering amounts of work I have done on the book over the last two years, not to mention all the terrifying, embarrassing, soul-searching stuff I did during the blog. I put it down to the magic of you cheering me on throughout. And family and friends who have put up with me and supported me, financially and otherwise, on what’s been a very long road.

So at the risk of getting all Gwyneth at the Oscars I want to say thank you to everyone. I feel like this book belongs to all of us and I hope we can have a lot of fun with it.

Annoyingly it doesn’t come out until next September but Jesus, the whole thing has already taken 85 million years longer than I’d hoped, so what’s a bit longer?

And there’s going to be a lot more exciting news before then – because it’s not just book offers I’m getting…




PS mum just came in to tell me she’s celebrating the good news by turning the heating on. We’re really letting things go to our heads over here.

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