Time to rest

It’s 27th December and it’s rainy outside and I am in my pyjamas for the second day running. I am lying on the sofa, watching telly and making my way through a box of Milk Trays,  on the grounds that we’ll all be better off when they’re gone and the only way for them to be gone is to… eat them.

You know the logic.

Just when I think I can’t eat any more, I do. Oh well. It’s been nice.

The whole Christmas has been nice. Everyone behaved themselves. We ate, drank, read some crap cracker jokes and then fell asleep. I think that post lunch nap (coma) on the sofa on Christmas day might just be my favourite part of the year. Dead to the world, there’s nowhere else you have to be, nothing you should be doing.

It’s like being in a little bubble. Real life can’t touch you.

I’m going to stay in that bubble for a few more days. I’m in need of the rest. I think we all are.

We live in a world that doesn’t value rest. We live in a world that tells us we should be productive, happy and ‘on’ all the time.

But sometimes we need to slob out, close the door and switch off. We’re crying out for it, literally.

I spoke to a couple of friends this morning and both had woken up feeling weepy. One was thinking about her mother, who died a few years ago – the other burst into tears when she dropped a vase. She wasn’t really crying about the vase, of course, she was just crying because she needed to cry. She was crash landing at the end of a busy year.

But I think it’s good. Emotions need to come to the surface – and now is a good time to let that happen.

We spend eleven and a half months a year working, rushing, striving, planning, keeping the show on the road. It’s only when we stop that we realise how tired we are, how fast the wheels have been spinning…

It’s only when we stop that we have time to reflect – on the good and the bad. Then we have a little cry. Or a big one.

It’s not always fun. But it’s good. Letting go is good.

So go on, take a rest, have a cry, eat the chocolates and fall asleep on the sofa.

Real life will start again soon enough.

Love to you all

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