Feel the fear and stalk Chris Evans. Badly.

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Right, my last post was miserable and self-indulgent. I have now pulled myself together.

At the end of said miserable and self-indulgent post I explained that I’ve added ‘Take Chris Evans for lunch’ to my fear list.

Now it’s not because Chris Evans is scary. I don’t think he is. Quite the opposite. I read his two autobiographies in the summer and I thought he was fantastic. His enthusiasm, energy and wit are infectious. I also found him very wise. I recommend that everyone read the books if you need an positivity injection.

Anyway, I’ve since started listening to his breakfast show (even though it means listening to more Elton John than I’d really like), and I’ve been telling friends how much I’d love to meet him…

Which is why I put asking Chris Evans out to lunch as one of my Face the Fear Challenges. Susan Jeffers suggests asking somebody you admire out to coffee or lunch and Chris is somebody I admire. It turns out that he lives down the road from where I am at the moment, and we both have red hair. Surely a sign that we should be friends! Unfortunately, until now I haven’t done anything about the fantasy friendship since putting it on the list nearly three weeks ago. I’m a very lazy stalker.

BUT I’m now taking action. I’ve just emailed him and I’m going to put a message on his BBC 2 Facebook page and stalk him on Twitter. Well, as best I can. I don’t get on well with Twitter…. Anyway, if anybody knows him, please feel free to share the open letter I’m putting up in the next post.

It goes without saying that this is all pretty embarrassing and crazy. It feels even weirder than getting my kit off and sitting under a spotlight on an office chair.  But I’m hoping that fortune favours not only the brave but those willing to make a tit of themselves.

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