Chris Evans, may I please take you to lunch? (My open letter)


Dear Chris, 

I have a random request but please hear me out….
This summer I read both of your books and I loved them. I thought they were funny, wise and inspiring. I wished I’d been part of the party, snatching houses from under Courtney Cox’s nose, hanging out in the South of France with Bono.
Anyway, reading them made me want to meet you. Obviously, being a relatively sane, normal person, I’m not in the habit of getting in touch with radio DJs and asking them if they want to meet up – but this month is making me do strange things. 
I’ve started a blog called Help Me! For the next year I’ll be following the rules of a different self-help book every month, starting with Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. My challenge is to do something that scares me every day. So far I’ve stripped off to model for a life drawing class (weird), chatting up strangers on the tube (embarrassing but kind of brilliant) and dived into Hampstead ponds on New Year’s Day (freezing but fabulous). 
Now I’m asking you to lunch. Not because you’re scary, you’re obviously not – but because asking a famous stranger out to lunch is a random, scary thing to do…  
So what do you think? I promise you I am in no way a weird stalker and this is not a romantic request – would just love to meet you. 
By total coincidence, I live in Ascot, near you I think. AND I have red hair – does that sway it in any way?! 
And that’s it – over and out! 
Look forward to hearing from you.
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