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Hello all, how’s everyone? This is just a quick one because I think that a lot of you saw it already but I WAS ON THE TELEVISION last Thursday, talking about the blog. It was a morning television show called This Morning and it went very well, or at least I thought it did.

Mum was less convinced. Her very first comments afterwards; “Was your mouth dry? Your mouth seemed very dry.’ I don’t know how you know if someone’s mouth is dry – or why she felt she had to lead with that observation – but she thought I looked nervous at first but I got the hang of it as it went on.

Other people have been more flattering and I was delighted – with the feedback and with myself. (Thanks to everyone who left nice comments on Facebook.)

The opportunity came about when I met a lovely woman called Jenny Stallard at a drinks night for freelance journalists. It turns out that she’s a) Lovely b) knows a school friend of mine c) books guests for a day time television show called This Morning d) had been reading my blog.

‘If you ever want to come on and talk about the blog, just let me know,’ she said. Like it was the most normal thing on earth. ‘YES PLEASE,’ I said. Then panicked.

I figured that it wouldn’t actually happen but it did and on Thursday morning a car picked me up and I found myself having my hair and make up done and being directed into a ‘Green room’ where everyone on the show waits.

I got chatting to a woman who had moved back to her parents’ house in her thirties (been there), a bloke who was going to be on a treadmill throughout the show to test out anti-sweat products (he was panicked because he’d just been told that he’d need to do it topless. He didn’t in the end) and a couple of impersonators. It was funny and exciting and VERY DAY TIME TELLY but I was super nervous – so nervous I couldn’t even eat the free croissants.

I was scared that I’d open my mouth and nothing would come out – or that I would totally forget everything I’ve been doing for the last six months but I didn’t. It was good. As soon as I got on the sofa and started chatting I was fine. Quite relaxed, actually. I could have stayed on all day.

Here’s a link for those who haven’t seen it: (but I think you need to be in the UK for it to work)


And so that’s it! I’m now a daytime telly star!

Doing that show made me realise that I’ve come further this year than I think I have. A couple of years ago there is no way on earth I would go on television – the fear of public humiliation would be too much. But since doing the public speaking and the stand up comedy in January, my confidence has grown a lot. I did well tackling both those fears – much better than I would have expected. Also the stand-up comedy set a fear benchmark – almost nothing (apart from my finances) could be more scary.

Otherwise, last week was spent doing ACTUAL PAID WORK!! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. I was a busy little bee and got up at 6am every day to do it. I will do the same this week. It’s time for me to get onto the next book but I need to focus on the money situation first so please be patient with me.

All in all I’m feeling a lot better than this time last week. I’ve come to realise that I’m pretty up and down at the best of times, but add full time self-help to the mix and the extremes are a bit more pronounced. Oh well. It is what it is and at least there are high points too.

How are you guys?


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