How Post-its can change your life

I’ve just walked around the block, talking to myself. I told myself that I’m strong and capable and that good things are coming my way. I assured myself that I handle everything with calm and ease and that money comes to me easily and effortlessly. I’ve repeated, about 80 times, ‘It’s all happening perfectly.’

I am now sitting at a desk, surrounded by these:

Image Image

Yup. I’ve finally lost it. I’m fallen down the self-help rabbit hole – and we’re only in week two.

As with many self-improvement books, positive thinking is one of the major parts of Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. A part that I’ve been ignoring up till now.

Susan Jeffers says it is the the negative thoughts that go around in our head – the thoughts that tell us we’re not brave enough, that people will laugh at us etc. – that hold us back. Not the reality of our situation.

She writes: ‘Negative thoughts take away your power… and thus make you more paralysed from your fear’.

So we have to replace them with positive ones.

So how do you do that?  You use a post-it, obviously….


The first thing Jeffers suggests is to write positive quotes on Post-its and put them everywhere – on your mirrors, your desk, the refrigerator door, in your diary, your diary.

She suggests messages such as:

‘It’s all happening perfectly’, ‘Say Yes to the Universe’ , ‘So what? I’ll handle it.’

‘Go overboard and be outrageous until friends ask you what’s going on,’ she says before suggesting: ‘If you are artistic, make a decorative poster with your quotes to hang on your wall.’

The next tool is


An affirmation is basically a positive statement. We need to repeat them and listen to them to all day long.

Examples Jeffers gives:

I am breaking through old patterns and moving forward with my life

I relax, knowing that I can handle it all

I spread warmth and love everywhere I go…

You can either come up with your own, or you can find hundreds on the Internet, on iTunes or in books. Louise Hay is the queen of affirmations. I’ve just downloaded her ‘Self-esteem affirmations’ on iTunes and I’ve also downloaded her morning and evening affirmations.

These affirmations are always in the present tense, as if it’s happening now – not in the future. And they are positive rather than negative, so Instead of ‘I am no longer putting myself down’; say ‘I am becoming more confident every day.’


The idea is that these positive slogans, notes and recordings replace the negative voice in our head. Susan Jeffers calls it the Chatterbox.

Just like we go to the gym, you need to practice positive thinking every day. Susan recommends a BEGINNER’S INTENSIVE PROGRAMME FOR THE FIRST MONTH.

This is what’s involved:

▪   Wake up and listen to an positive/inspirational book or affirmation download while you’re still in bed

▪   As you get out of bed, look at the positive quotes you’ve surrounded yourself with – on the wall, your mirror.

▪   As you get dressed listen to your favourite music and repeat affirmations in front of the mirror

▪   No news is allowed over breakfast (it’s too miserable), instead read an inspiring self-help book

▪   LIsten to more affirmations on the way to work.

▪   Place positive messages all around your desk and office space.

▪   Pick one special affirmation a day and write it in your diary. Every time you refer to your diary say the affirmation at least 10 times. Any time your negative Chatterbox creeps in repeat the affirmations.

▪   Listen to affirmations on way home.

▪   Before you go to sleep put on a relaxing tape

In short, being positive is like a part-time job. On top of your full-time job of getting on with life. It sounds exhausting, totally over-the-top and stupid. But Susan swears blind it will work.

‘Positive thinking changes everything in your life. Without your negative Chatterbox, you will wonder what were so afraid of before. You will have energy you never thought possible. You will laugh a lot and love a lot more. You will draw more and more positive people into your life. You will be healthier physically. You will be happy to be alive,’ she writes.

Who knew a Post-It could have so much power?

We’ll see…

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