Feel The Fear List

  1. Sing in front of a crowd- MISSION COMPLETED!
  2. Public speaking – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  3. Stand-up comedy- MISSION COMPLETED! 
  4. Chat up a guy on the tube – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  5. Ask out a stranger
  6. Pose naked for a photograph or a painting – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  7. Watch a scary film (haven’t done since Misery scarred me, aged 13) MISSION COMPLETED 
  8. My tax return & a spend a day looking through my bank statements – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  9. Lunch with Chris Evans
  10. Confront someone about something they’ve done to upset me
  11. Ask for a discount in a shop/ haggle MISSION COMPLETED! 
  12. Get the FOUR fillings I need (Tut, tut) MISSION COMPLETED! 
  13. Get the mole on my back checked out MISSION COMPLETED
  14. Eat offal- MISSION COMPLETED! 
  15. Skydive or something daredevil-y – MISSION COMPLETED 
  16. Dive off a high diving board
  17. Cycle in London
  18. Find out what people think of me (the bad stuff)
  19. Parallel parking/driving on motorway – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  20. Lose my temper (I never do. Ever. I’m too repressed and I’m scared it would make people hate me.)
  21. Use the phone every day (I have a weird with the thing phone – getting or receiving calls makes me nervous)


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