It’s Sunday morning and the rain is pouring down. I’m in the kitchen drinking coffee and listening to Fleetwood Mac, going through everyone’s pledges. It’s so cool to have you all get on involved, really exciting. Thank you. do one thing well

So my progress report: yesterday I went to a talk given by Gabrielle Bernstein who is a glam, thirty-something ‘spiritual guru’. I know, the phrase makes me cringe, but not really sure how else to describe her. A lot of you will probably know here but if you don’t, check her out here.

She used to be a party girl, doing a lot of drink, drugs etc – but turned her back on it all. She’s now into yoga, meditation and gives great advice dealing with jobs you hate, stress, relationships etc. Oprah calls her a ‘new thought leader’ whatever that means.

Anyway, in real life she’s glowy and gorgeous, the kind of woman that actually makes you want to live off green juices. And the audience she attracts is very much the same as her – glam, cool and very well dressed. The line to get in looked like the line for a designer sample sale. And everyone was so blimmin healthy: I lost track of how many people I spoke to who had given up drinking, given up caffeine, didn’t eat sugar or dairy etc etc. Some had done it for health reasons, others in the name of self-improvement.

I was torn between wanting to be just like them and then thinking, ‘all things in moderation.’

As it was I went to lunch and ordered a quinoa salad and green juice (which cost me nine pounds – smug organic eating ain’t cheap) but then snuck out in the afternoon break and bought a Twirl bar. I felt like I’d just bought crack.

Anyway in terms of my goals – during the day we did lots of meditation so that was ticked. I also walked home (an hour) and went to my friend Jess’s house for dinner (well, crisps and X Factor) and we did not drink. She gave up drinking, sugar and wheat in January, after a health scare, but is not remotely worthy or annoying. She even introduced me to these raw chocolate cakes yesterday which were GORGEOUS and apparently have no sugar in them. Couldn’t understand how that was possible, but apparently it is. So there you go.

The only thing I totally forgot to do was to look at my bank balances – so slap wrist for that.

How is everyone else doing? One day down and feeling good? Thank you, Elaine, for messaging about about how you’d been looking forward to starting all week, then yesterday wanted to do everything BUT the walking, meditating and veg eating you’d promised herself. Elaine said there was a lot of ‘resistance/negative self talk’ going on. Sure you weren’t the only one. It’s weird the way that happens. I have no idea why we find it so hard to do the things we know will make us happy and healthy. I must look into it. Self-sabotage is everywhere it’s bizarre – is it a fear of being happy?


Mediation – TICK
Exercise – TICK
No Booze – TICK
Bank Balance – no tick
Planning – TICK (sort of, it’s a Sunday so my plan was to walk and watch telly…weather means I might have to find some sort of indoor exercise. And no, I don’t mean that in a sexy way. Alas.)



PS thank you Grainne for the very lovely picture at the top of the post. We had lunch in Kings Cross on Friday at a lovely place called The Grain Store on Granary Square. It’s a newly developed bit of Kings Cross and it was so gorgeous- lots of art and cool people milling around. They also did this on the steps by the canal: PUMPKINS!

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