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The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible Yesterday morning I found myself feeling really happy. I was singing to Lizzo as I did the washing up and had one of those 'all is well' moments of joy and peace. I've been having quite a few of... Read More Pink hair and powerlessness I accidentally dyed my hair pink this weekend. I bought some colour-enhanced conditioner thinking it would be a clever way to conceal greys and now I look like a drama-teacher having a mid-life crisis.  I also ordered a new table to work... Read More Worshipping all the wrong things A couple of years ago I was on a night-bus. It was just after midnight and I was sitting at the back of the bus, listening to music, so I didn’t immediately notice that it had stopped moving.    When... Read More Grief and greasy hair I woke up yesterday morning thinking of dad who died - along with Prince, Bowie and Terry Wogan - in 2016. I yearned to be in the kitchen with him talking nonsense. Which is stupid because when he was... Read More Being single in a pandemic So it's the morning after Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, has told us to stay at home. We are allowed out for food shopping, exercise, medical visits and essential work. That's it. I wish he'd done it sooner.  I'm... Read More I me wed? So I've booked Claridges and am going out to find a dress. I'll ask mum to make the cake and I'll see if my sister's cat will be the bridesmaid. She was going to call her Spin - short... Read More What happened with the Greek? This summer a woman came up to me in Waterloo station. She told me that she'd read the book and that she related to my insecurities and thanked me for the honesty. I thanked her for walking up to... Read More My first London book reading Last night people crossed London in the crazy heat to sit in a basement to listen to me do my first ever London book reading and it was gorgeous. Just so, so, so gorgeous. Not sure what else to say... Read More

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