A funny PS to my first day of POSITIVE THINKING BY POST-IT

I tried explaining the idea of positive thinking and affirmations to mum. She is horrified.

Me: “The idea is that we replace our usual negative thoughts with positive ones.’
Mum: ‘You mean you delude yourself?’
Me: ‘No, you just try to focus on the good rather than bad.’
A pause.
Mum: ‘You’re not going to go all American, are you?’
Me: ‘What do you mean?’
Mum: ‘You know… happy. People don’t like that. It’s not real.’ I’ve been warned…

No offence intended to any American readers, just my mum’s very Irish, slightly cynical view point on life… to which Louise would say…

‘It is reported that over 90 per cent of what we worry about never happens. That means that our negative worries have less than a 10 per cent chance of being correct. If this is so, isn’t being positive more realistic than being negative? … If you think about it, the important issue is not which is more realistic but rather ‘Why be miserable when you can be happy?’

So there!

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